[San Mateo] Cuban Kitchen

Homestyle Cuban not yuppified American-Cuban in San Mateo. I had the lechon plate last week. Which contained stewed pork shoulder, rice, a piece of fried plaintain, beans and some pickled onions. The meat was kinda tough and salty. Though I’d buy it if someone tells me its how they cook it in Cuban home kitchens or cafeterias run by the state. Nothing fancy just homestyle Cuban. Need some Cubans and Miami-Cubans to comment on real Cuban food.

Still would like to try their Cubano some time, which they call themselves “best”. Anyone had?

The bathroom, and the dining room, was absolutely spotless. I don’t think I have seen that in a <$20 restaurant before. Spotless. Comfy and pleasant space to eat in. Pretty charming, in fact. Counter service.


Thanks for posting the menu and your report. We’ve driven by a few times, and have been tempted to pull into the parking lot. The menu doesn’t exactly scream “try me”, but a simple lunch of a Cubano, rice/beans and yuka fries would be very satisfying. Carb city.

Funny you said carb city. The plate was actually not filling because the portions were not big.

I totally forgot to comment on the ‘sauce bar’ they have where they make available, a Habanero bbq sauce, a jalapeno salsa and a yogurt aioli. Oddly, on this occasion, the yogurt aioli worked best because its coolness/ creaminess helped moderate the saltiness in the lechon. The habanero was not very hot, less than the jalapeno. Housemade sauces.