[San Mateo, CA] Suruki Supermarket- DIY omakase

Suruki is a small Japanese grocery store in downtown San Mateo. What sets Suruki apart from many Japanese grocery stores is their fish counter in the back that offers cut-to-order sashimi. They have a pretty large variety of sashimi fish available- one can easily get the classics covered at a very attractive price. Its no Yoshizumi and there is nowhere to sit, but its also magnitudes cheaper.

They also have vinegared rice available, so one can get a small or big package to go with the sashimi or call ahead and have them make a custom-ordered nigiri platter.

Preparing my selection.

For my lunch:

2 slices each:
hamachi x2
kanpachi x2
toro x2
maguro x2
hirami x2
Hokkaido hotate x1
baby scallop x1
hokki salad

All that for $25.

They also got other items like local and imported uni, sake, ebi, tako, ika, ikura, tobiko, wakame/ abalone salad and more in the cold case (see the pictures).

Plus a whole refrigerated wall of Japanese prepared packaged food.

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Bessarabsky Market, Kyiv. Ukraine
Credit: Juan Antonio Segal, Flickr