[San Leandro, CA] HO-down at Kendejah, Liberian cuisine. 4/8 Sat 11:30am

4/8 Saturday 11:30am.
197 Pelton Center Way, San Leandro, CA 94577
ETA: The restaurant is 4 blocks from the San Leandro Bart station.

Want to experience the flavors of Liberia, a small coastal West African nation the size of Indiana? Kendejah opened its doors a few weeks ago in San Leandro. I am not sure if there are other Liberian restaurants or restaurants serving Liberian cuisine around here. Here’s Wikipedia’s entry on Liberian cuisine and the interesting influence from the US of A on Liberian cuisine, and a writeup of the restaurant from San Leandro Next.

It has a rotating selection of dishes daily as well as specials. Here are the dishes that seem to be available on Saturdays according to their web site:

Specials $18-19

Acheike & Chicken or Fish
Beans Torborgee
Fufu & Goat Soup

Entree $16

Fufu & Soup
Oxtail Served with Rice & Beans


Roasted Meat Kabob
Chicken Wings
Roasted Fish

If anyone is interested in joining- we can order a bunch of stuff, share and sample. If anyone is interested, just reply or private message me.

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Oh btw, despite two HO-down on consecutive days, I won’t be able to host HO-downs much at all in the future (despite @mariacarmen’s post) just like in the past because of family duties. It just happens to be a free weekend for me.

So far we have 2-4 people excluding me. I think if we have 2-3 more we can sample the entire menu already. If we have a lot more perhaps we can call and inquire about any off-menu specials.

Reminder: the HO-down at Kendejah is tomorrow! Just come to the restaurant if you want to join us.