[San Jose] The very weird Din Tai Fung Yelp page

I was browsing new eateries on Yelp and I noticed that Din Tai Fung is tagged as new. Din Tai Fung has been open for a couple of years and discussed extensively by the community here. So its not at all a new restaurant, with only 24 comments.

Any idea how a business can ‘reset’ their Yelp page? Was their rating subpar before the reset? This somewhat odd practice calls into question how accurate the ratings are, if a business owner can reset their ratings.


Thats odd.

I found an archived snapshot of the page from earlier this year (February), when it had 1205 reviews:


3.5 stars wasn’t very bad, versus the 4 they have now. Unless the ratings took a dive between February and now.

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That really is strange.

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I’m thinking you should post a comment on their yelp page saying as much! That sounds really suspicious… and if your comment is never made visible to the public or it mysteriously disappears then i would say this “new” posting is not an innocent mixup or technology hiccup

Half the reviews mentioned either that they found it weird that the listing is new, or their reviews disappeared. LOL.

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That says everything.

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