[San Jose/South Bay] Best Chicago deep dish pizza?

Was watching a food travel show the other day and had a craving for deep dish Chicago style pizza. Does anyone have recommendations for best deep dish pizza in South Bay? Searching around I’ve found some favorable reviews of Patxis and Blue Line (both regional chains). Thanks.

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Blue Line (a spinoff of Little Star with the same stuff) has a deep dish pizza with a cornmeal crust.

Patxis has stuffed crust: sauce + toppings on top of a thin dough layer, layer of cheese, and then the bottom. This style is a few years newer than classic deep dish, and you can also find it Zachary’s in the east bay.

Personally, I prefer Blue Line’s style, but on off days the tomatoes can take on an acrid flavor—- still better than Patxis or Zachary’s though (I have liked some stuffed crust in Chicago). If you’re getting takeout or delivery, request they not cut it— especially on stuffed crust, the crust becomes a soggy mess.

Any smaller chicago style shops in the South Bay?

I’ve had Blue Line in Burlingame before and liked it, although it was 4-5 years ago and not sure how the different locations compare.

One smaller local chain I found is http://pizzachicagoonline.com/. Anyone tried the location in Santa Clara?

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