[San Jose] Soupterra 好湯慢慢

Let me preface by saying that I really like their soup and the meal sets. I have been there twice. And the ingredients and the seasoning are both good. Its Taiwanese bento elevated, and the price reflects that.

Soupterra is in soft opening right now. It sits in the same mall as H-Mart in San Jose, right by the De Anza exit of 85.

Chicken soup set. The chicken soup is the main reason to come to Soupterra, and it shines. The soup is thick. You can even see the thickness in the picture below. Its full of bone-y gelatin goodness and full of chicken flavor. The soup has a couple of tender chicken drumsticks that’s cooked separately from the soup, baby corn, enoki mushrooms and napa cabbage. With that amount of bones and chicken that goes into the soup, its very delicious and comforting.

The yellow sidedish is a bit like kimchi with their house made sauce. The set comes with a bowl of white rice.

Pork belly set:

The pork belly set comes with a bowl of rice with a small amount of cooking juice/ soy sauce mixture drizzled on top of it. A runny egg can be mixed into the rice as well. Comes with a pickled vegetable / soy bean mix. The pickled vegetable is very good. I’d take a jar of that home if they sell it. The set comes with a small cup of unknown soup. That soup tastes a bit odd to me. Can’t figure out what’s in it. The pork belly is crisped up, tender and delicious.

Beef noodle soup set. I am no TBNS connoisseur. But I like this rendition very much. The soup is balanced, and well seasoned, with notes of star anise and other Chinese herbs. Chunks of well-cooked beef and tendons and bok choy is in the bowl. Delicious. The beef broth is also very thick and gelatin-y. Great flavor. Egg noodle is al dente.

Pork knuckle set. Its similar to the pork belly set, but with pork knuckle instead. The knuckles are well braised and flavored.

Overall, everyone in the family enjoy Soupterra very much. Comfort food elevated. Recommended.


Dining room. Bright and airy.

Big communal table at the back.

Packaged products for sale by the door


I was hoping to get some takeouts here last week. But the door looked pretty locked even though they said they still sell frozen items. Any idea what they are up to?