[San Jose] Sogo Tofu 永康豆坊

Been coming here forever so I figure I might as well give them a shout out. Sogo Tofu sells high quality soy products as well as cooked vegetarian food, in the same strip mall that houses Chef Z. They got big slabs of medium texture tofu behind the counter on the right. Just ask for them.

Soy pulp or okara are also sold in the morning after they made tofu, before someone who makes stuff from it buys them all in one go. They said its $5.99 a pound, and good for fertilizing the ground for growing stuff.

Their tofus are organic.

Soy milk- sweetened and unsweetened.

Pastries. Get the sweet yam one. The other pastries are not comparable.

Shredded tofu strings on the top shelf. Very good. Excellent for Jiangnan cuisine. They got frozen ones too in the fridge on the opposite side of the store.

‘Dried tofu’- regular and five spice taste. Regular is very good.

Packaged refrigerated vegetarian food. Haven’t tried much of these.

Buns and frozen soy stuff.

Cooked vegetarian food to go. Although if you must eat here, there is a tiny table by the door. Or just bring the food to the food court next door.

Dried goods:


A milk drink made with a form of black soybean. Its harder to see from the picture but it has a shade of grey. A delicious soy milk.


That is exciting about the black soybean milk. Do you know if they add corn oil to it? The Korean boxed versions all have oil added and you can taste it unfortunately.

Let me look next time I am there. They just brought the soy milk out of the kitchen that time, and the guy was putting the ingredient labels onto the bottles before putting them in the fridge. We just grabbed a bottle from his stash without the label.

According to the label, just black soy bean and water.

Separately, they have big tubs of silken tofu dessert. Not the smoothest silken type, so I prefer Giac Minh’s version. But that is small portioned, and this allows me to gorge on tofu dessert. Tofu still warm when I bought it.


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Thanks for checking! Now to make it down to San Jose!

No problem. Do you know why the other black soy milk adds corn oil?

I assume for some emulsification process, or just for a creamier texture. Like adding guar gum or carrageenan.

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Around the recent Dragon Boat Festival, we got some zongzi from Sogo- both savory and sweet. I was a bit skeptical about vegetarian zongzi since I am used to the Cantonese version with meat and chicken. But I was pleasantly surprised at how delicious the savory version at Sogo was. Stuffed with sticky rice, beans, mushrooms, etc. Won’t hesitate to get it again.

I liked the sweet version a lot too. Came in as a bunch of tiny little zonzis tied together with a string.
Mildly sweet with a mochi like outer core surrounding the red bean paste at the center. Very nice. I was a bit taken back by the bright green color though the shop said they didn’t use artificial color and the green color came from chlorophyll.

Sogo reopened at the beginning of June. Recently tried their shepherd’s purse buns. I was again quite skeptical at a bun that only has veggies in it. I don’t know what magic they worked but the buns were seriously savory and tasty. Came in bag of 12. Recommended.

Also recommended are the red bean paste tartlets? I don’t know what it is called, but the red bean paste is seasoned just right. Not too much sugar. Delicious.

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