[San Jose] Phu Quy- straight out of Danang

The first reaction after I entered Phu Quy was- am I in Vietnam? Because the whole decor just screamed Vietnam to me. Phu Quy serves food from central Vietnam, around Hue and Danang.

I asked the server what he recommended and he suggested the bun thai hai san for noodle and banh hue thap cam, which was item 11 on the menu and consisted of items 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, the various banh beo, banh bot, banh nam, banh ram. Since I hadn’t been here before, its always great to be able to try lots of items since I was only by myself.

The banh hue thap cam on the whole was delicious. And a couple of items in it were great. The banh beo chen, banh bot, banh nam (4, 5, 6, 7) tasted roughly the same since they employed similar shredded shrimp, dried shrimps and fried garlic, with different texture such as steamed rice cake, tapioca flour cake, etc. Go for the banh beo chen and the banh ram it if ordering individually. The banh ram it was very good. Warm soft rice cake sitting on top of fried rice cake that was delicately crispy on the outside. The textural contrast was great.

Counter clockwise from top right, 4 Banh beo chen, 5 banh bot loc tran (top), 6 banh bot loc la (top left), 7 banh nam (bottom), 8 bam ram it (center)

The banana wrapped banh nam was also quite delicious.

The bun thai hai san was fine. I had my eyes on the mi quang, bun rieu, or the bun bo hue, but since he recommended the bun thai hai san- Thai tom yum noodle soup, i got the bun thai hai san. Tom yum hotpot and tom yum noodle soup seems to be quite a thing these days- Lau Hai San in San Jose specializes on tom yum hotpot, and Phu Quy also has the same hotpot- lau thai hai san. In hindsight, knowing my own my personal preference, I should have ordered the other noodles I had my eyes on.


Got some city panorama on the wall, including one of Danang. Not sure what the other one is.


Has anyone been to Pho Ga Nha in the same mall (Dynasty Plaza)?


Or Thanh Son Hien Khanh? Loads of interesting prepackaged food on the table:

Or Banh Canh 3 Mien?

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Hey sck, I just ate at Phu Quy on Saturday!

My mom and I enjoyed the Family Dinner and I highly recommend it if you want a taste of a traditional home cooked meal: a salty braised protein, a stir-fried vegetable, and a soup. My mom managed to put a meal like this together almost daily when we were growing up and this restaurant’s version gets her seal of approval. We had the caramelized pork belly & shrimp in a clay pot, greens w/ garlic, and sour soup with fish. The fatty pork belly was nice and caramelized. The shrimp are small shell-on shrimp as is traditional. The soup was too sweet for my taste. They brought out a small plate with chopped fresh red chilies on it. Many people like to remove the fish from the soup and dress it with fish sauce. For $20, it’s enough for three people (white rice is included).

My sister ordered the mi quang there another time and both she and my mom said it was a very good rendition. That dish comes from the central region also. Photo from yelp:


This is an excellent price for a family meal! And it costs less than my meal for just myself.

I have to go back and try the mi quang then. Curious, what are some of the better mi quangs around the Bay Area?