[San Jose] Nuoc mia's- sugarcane juice shops

We were in Little Saigon last Sunday, and went to a couple of sugarcane juice shops- Nuoc Mia Vien Dong 2 and Vietnam town, and Nuoc Mia Ninh Kieu in Grand Century.

We got a sugarcane juice from Vien Dong 2 and some melon juice from Ninh Kieu. To my unrefined sugarcane juice palate, we liked the Chua Giac Minh version of sugarcane juice better. Perhaps its just the provenance of the sugar cane itself since its really just juice squeezed out of sticks of sugarcane.

Any recommendations of sugarcane juice around San Jose and in the Bay Area? How about juice bars in general?

Various combination of drinks. Sorry, blurry picture.

Most people in there were just waiting for their juice. Production was slow because you could only fed the sugarcane into the machine so fast.

What does artichoke juice taste like? (And how many does it take to make half a gallon of artichoke juice?

Ninh Kieu in Grand Century Mall:


Curious if either place had green sugar cane? Seems most sugar cane juice places have brown sugar cane.