[San Jose] Milohas- Colombian bakery

Milohas is a bakery serving Colombian treats from their San Jose space. We were in the area one of the weekend and decided to pop in for lunch. @hyperbowler wrote about this bakery a few years ago, and as he mentioned, it serves a wide range of quality empenadas and other baked goodies, fruit juice made with tropical fruits, and icecream.

For the empenadas, they recommended the beef and the chicken. And indeed those two were the best. Later on we got the cheese and the potato empenadas, which were fine, but I much preferred the beef and the chicken.

Everything was quite good quality. Would love to drop by again and get some pastries when I am in the area.

Beef empenada:

Chicken empenada:


Cheese empenada:

Potato empenada:

Guava finger:


Forgot what this was:

All icecream flavors. They could probably dial up the tropical fruit flavors, though they may be playing a little safe.

Various baked goods: