[San Jose] Dainty Dumpling

(Reuel) #1

Went to Dainty Dumpling last night, they told me they are from Jilin. Here’s the menu:

New photo by Reuel Warkov

We got the #1 and #3, both steamed:

New photo by Reuel Warkov

The side dishes included sliced pork belly, seaweed and potato:

New photo by Reuel Warkov

You make your own dipping sauce from any of: minced garlic; soy sauce; chiles; white & black vinegar:

New photo by Reuel Warkov

For $10 per person, this is a pretty good value!

Regional Chinese roundup 3.0 (SF Bay Area)
(Reuel) #2

Still haven’t figured out how to embed photos here… The originals are not clipped like those embedded here.


Looks good! How’re the dumplings?

I am sure I will check it out at some point. Make it a Tofu (at Sogo) shopping and dumpling eating trip.

If you have been to Fuji, I am curious how they compare.

I think you linked to the page with the photo, so the software embeds in some funny way since its not embedding directly the photo.

(Reuel) #4

I have been to Fuji, twice in the last 3 months. Overall I likes Fuji more, they have a more substantial offering. Dainty is good, but, limited offer. Dumpling v. dumpling, again, the edge goes to Fuji, their wrapper was not as thick and the fillings seemed more robust. This is a great problem, though, I’d go back to either.

(Gary Soup) #5

The menu text is a little confusing. The special includes 12 dumplings, one appetizer, and unlimited congee, all for $10?

(Reuel) #6

We paid $12 per person for a set each of 12 steamed dumplings (pan fried was an extra 1$), a choice of up to three cold appetizers from a buffet of 8, unlimited servings of: congee, seaweed eggdrop soup, hot tea and make your own dipping sauce. It’s definitely good value.


Cool! Any idea what the other appetizers were?

(Gary Soup) #8

The menu is here. It say $13, and “one mixed appetizer”



Lol. Inflation is quick.

(Reuel) #10

when we visited, the appetizer bar included pork belly, pork ears and pork meat. Also I saw cabbage, seaweed and potatoes. Can’t recall the other two items.

(Reuel) #11

we were there for dinner and the menu didn’t look anything like what I see on this url, guess I’ll have to go back! I linked to the menu we were given on my original post.

(George ) #12

Dumpling looks like it was properly made! On my radar if I can get down there :). Thanks for sharing


The Dainty space is going to be Love My Buns. :slight_smile: hey whose buns are you staring at?

Has anyone bought meat from the halal butcher next door? The meat looks pretty good.

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