[San Jose] Authentically Italian: Italian Brothers Bakery

Finally, an Italian bakery + gelato shop + cafe + snack bar owned and run by Italians from Italy!!! This place is a real gem on the corner of Meridian and San Carlos. Very close to the Meridian exit of 280. Their pastries are addictive. I went to this place 6 times already in the past 4 weeks. They serve cakes, cookies, gelato, and Italian coffee, as well as light meals like calzones and small pizzas. Hours are 7am-9pm daily.


Thanks for sharing! Cannoli? Are they from Sicily? Have to invent a reason to go some time. I am curious, have you been to a place around Almaden called The Sicilian Pizza and Drink? I have that bookmarked a year ago for some seemingly legit Sicilian items on the menu but haven’t had the chance to go. (A Sicilian renaissance in San Jose!)

Separately, not Sicily, but a few weeks ago three Calabrian natives opened up Tre Monti, a restaurant in Los Altos. I have been trying to find time to go.

Yes, they are indeed from Sicily! I can’t find their authentic cookies anywhere else in South Bay, if not, the Bay Area. They grew up at their dad’s bakery in Palermo.