San Ho Won [San Francisco, SoMa] (Pick-Up)

I hope everyone’s safe right now. I figured it might be time to stop ordering from Panda Express and get out of my hole and maybe eat real food… but in any case, time to give San Ho Won a quick try! This is a new and upcoming Korean restaurant by Corey Lee of Benu, Monsieur Benjamin, and In Situ fame.

I’m not certain where their eventual location will be operating, but currently the kitchen is at Benu SF where they’re doing in-person pick up through Tock.

In any case, pick up was rather orderly and pretty simple via Tock (Note, a 20% gratuity is automatically added). From what I can tell, they currently have a one week menu and will change thereafter for the in-person pick up experience. There’s an allotted time and a maximum limit per order and if anyone else want to attest of their experience at Benu, I think they do a fantastic job at execution.

In any case our meal came in a nice big paper bag with the restaurant’s logo. The interesting part of the meal is that there is a little bit of the eater to prepare and heat the meal.

We have a lot of assorted little dishes! The top left is the albacore and stonecrop namul Salad with the dressing. To the right of that is the Korean-style rolled omelette with rock seaweed sauce, and going clockwise, we have the soy sauce-sesame leaf condiment and radish kimchi. The soy sauce seasame leaf condiment was very fragrant (I think they’re related to the Shisho leaves). The radish kimchi had a nice bite, but not overwhelmingly spicy.

The dressing was quite refreshing and I never encountered these stonecrop plants (honestly I thought it was a succulent at first well… … it might be one actually). The stone crops had a great crunch and the radishes helped enhance that. The albacore is located at the bottom and I’m not sure you can see it, but albacore was raw and in little bite size pieces. Goes quite well with the crisp and crunch on top!

These omelettes were quite delightful. I believe there are little diced carrots and scallions within the soft but slightly chewy omelette. The rock seaweed sauce (which is uh… not photographed…) was delicious, not quite sure how that was pulled off, but had a great umami taste with a bit of acid.

The main course of the meal is a traditional beef short rib soup:

This is the major prep part of the meal where we bring the short rib soup up to a boil and add rice cakes and dumplings to the boiling soup.

Here are the dumplings and rice cakes with some chili threads and seaweed prior to placing in the boiling soup.

A hot mustard sauce was provided as an optional dip for the dumplings or short ribs. Very pungent but tasty.

Overall, the meat just slid off the bones and the broth was light but delicious at the same time. The rice cake had great chew and the mandu was quite good (from what I can guess, pork, some dark looking vegetables, and a little bit of vermicelli).

To finish off the meal, there was omija and Asian pear hwachae with a panna cotta at the bottom.

Some things might have been uh… disturbed from driving so pay no attention to the random flowers near the top of the cup…

In any case, this dessert was simply refreshing. Watermelon, stawberries and asian pears mixed together to form a punch. Slightly sweet with a nice tang and the asian pear panna cotta was real smooth.

Overall a very good meal. I also purchased their cabbage kimchi and didn’t take a picture (meh, here’s their instagram page with picture: ). The 32 oz bottle had a good layer of nappa cabbage. Each cabbage I suggest be cut with scissors as its a little mini stalk. A good savory flavor but not really spicy nor that acidic. I thought it was excellent but I’m not a kimchi connoisseur so… don’t pelt me with stones. Per the ingredients: cabbage, salt, radish, alliums, shrimp, anchovy, chili. I suspect the shrimp and anchovies give it an additional umami kick.

Overall, an excellent to go meal. I can’t say I have too many of these dishes though so a bit harder to compare, but I was quite satisfied especially in this heat. Not too heavy, not too light, but just right. I’m excited to see what comes next!


Looks good, especially the soup with short ribs. Thanks for sharing.

Eventual location will be the old Blowfish space at 20th/Bryant.

Ah thanks! I wonder how that location will be. Seems close to UCSF, but the few times I drove through there it just seemed residential.

And @Mr_Happy I’d be more willing to try other dishes as well maybe in a few weeks, still just a bit wary of the current trends of the coronavirus and the effects in other states. So probably just bunker down a few more.

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I ordered dinner from San Ho Won via delivery last week and really enjoyed it. This week’s menu had a choice of three main main courses: a roasted soy sauce chicken, a pork bossam (DIY pork wraps), and a galbi (beef shortrib) noodle soup. I’m a fan of noodle soup so I got the third option, which also had some dumplings. The main courses here were somewhat similar to @Night07’s - a shortrib soup and dumplings.

Here’s a picture of the menu with some more descriptions, along with the banchan and starters. It also had instructions on how to prepare/reheat some of the dishes as well.

And here’s a picture of the other side of the menu which had some helpful and informative definitions.

Here’s a picture of the spread after unpacking.

Some banchan:

Gat Kimchi - kimchi of mustard greens seasoned with anchovy and salted shrimp (I read the back of the menu)
Good kimchi.

Burdock Jorim
Sweet and salty and chewy burdock root.

Pickled radish.

Hwe Muchim
Raw fish (jackfish) and vegetables - I think one of the vegetables was shiso leaf as it tasted of licorice. Dressed with a spicy sauce. I liked this though the spicy and sweet gochujang based sauce kind of dominated the fish. I made wraps with the supplied toasted seaweed as instructed.

Steamed Egg with Spicy Shrimp Oil
So the instructions on this were to heat it in a microwave which I don’t have, so I just ate it room temperature. It was delicious nonetheless. Very smooth custardy egg that I think had been cooked with a savory broth. The shrimp oil wasn’t very spicy but added some shrimpiness.

Steamed Dumplings Tossed in Chili Sauce
Moving on to the main courses. Quite good (and large) dumplings stuffed with pork and in a slightly spicy chili oil. Nice wrappers.

Galbi Noodle Soup
This was the star of the meal. Also some pictures of it reheating and also in one of my bowls. It didn’t look very pretty after reheating but was delicious. Clearish broth that was very flavorful. The noodles held up to the reheating quite well and maintained their firmness. I’m not sure what starch they were made of. The shortribs, some of which were still on the bone, were quite tender and flavorful as well, as were the gelatinous tendon slices that softened after reheating. A really good comforting noodle soup. It came with a little container of a vinegary and spicy hot sauce that I drizzled on some bites of the soup. Added a nice kick.

They also have some desserts on the menu that you can order in addition.

This is the Dotori Choux ($5). It was kind of like a cream puff with a light airy shell filled with a sweet brown paste. Dotori is a jelly made with acorn and was part of the filling.

I also had the Makgeolli and Huckleberry Ice Cream ($8). About a half pint container. Makgeolli is a Korean rice wine and you could taste some of that in the ice cream along with the sweet and slightly tart berries. Good ice cream and not too sweet.


Great reports @Night07 and @Mr_Happy. :slight_smile:

I loved Benu, so I can’t wait to try San Ho Won when it’s safe again. It sounds like both meals were fantastic. Thanks.


Oh wow that looks good! I really how like how Corey Lee’s team presents it in pretty clear fashion on what to do and all the info. Some other restaurants really give basic instructions on some of their frozen items haha.