[San Francisco] Tommy's Joynt

I didn’t realize that Tommy’s Joynt was back (I thought it had closed for a bit). Nostalgic spot for a heavy plate after drinking around Polk or the TL or a show at The Fillmore.

for the Theatre crowd…

In a much more suburban setting, there was Harry’s Hofbrau in Foster City years ago.


Sounds like you’re nostalgic for places that have been around a long time, haven’t changed their menu or look or vibe, haven’t taken themselves too seriously, and have taken up a “whatevers” attitude?

My list

  • Sam’s Burger in Chinatown
  • Mario’s Cigar Store
  • Tommy’s Mexican

I’ve come to pay close attention to prices and Rainbow isn’t bad. I don’t buy cheese there (only buy from Costco or TJ) but their bulk items are great and bulk olives less expensive than WF.

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Right right right and right. And add affordable and tastes good. Three great spots!

Something about drinking a marguerita at Tommy’s tastes better. Like good hospitality and nice people make a restaurant taste better for me. Humanity is a plus.

Spots on your list are what makes SF such a great spot. I have some other spots that come to mind too.

Part of me misses the old days but that’s kinda self-centered and not really fair, shit changes. In SF I still don’t think it’s unfair to say tho that certain aspects of the city have not changed for the better based on my self-centered priorities but it’s not one man’s city. Spots like these keep it close to my heart and make me want to share it with my family, the next generation because they are a part me and my family’s life experience. Just walking the streets and chilling in the parks and taking in the bustling humanity take me to a happy place. There remain most importantly in SF experiences and moments money cannot buy. Take it in and have a great day!


None of you brought up Chick-n-Coop in Daly City in your Haufbrau thoughts. Any thoughts?
I went to the one on Taraval a couple times a couple decades ago but never saw the point when TJ existed which has more “atmosphere” (and proximity to the Great American Music Hall).

You should just cross your arms, stand there and wait and see who blinks first. Lol.

I’ve been to the Taravel Chicken Coop back in the 90s. Never thought of it as a Hof Brau. Lots of seniors, not expensive…but not a HB.

Speaking of Taravel, anyone been to Tennessee Grill lately?

Nah, they’d just keep talking on their phone. I don’t know if it was store policy that shoppers bagged their own but it might be. International Workers Day (aka May Day) is an official RG holiday, and they close.

huh. I guess we have a different definition. Seems to be exactly that to me. There’s a guy standing there carving various giant cuts of meat and dishing out sides just like at Tommy’s or Harry’s or Sam’s.

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I was fond of the Chick-n-Coop in the Mission, and don’t see much difference between it and other Haufbrau save for maybe the liquor license.

The BBQ sauce was so good at the Mission location that I used it as a secret weapon in my early days on the BBQ circuit. It was quite comical though because the old man was super stingy with it and wouldn’t sell extra. I would have to go with a bunch of friends the week before contests and have them order the BBQ chicken with sauce on the side. The man’s wife who also worked behind the counter knew I was up to something and sympathized. To frustrate matters, the Taraval location had their sauce in a big container and was self-serve, but it just wasn’t the same.


The one on Taraval was great for turkey breast dinner. I loved their Cole slaw, too. Greek owner. He closed several years ago and it became a Chinese Hot Pot. I miss it, Tommy’s isn’t as good.

The brau is kinda important.

Sounds like a good spot still !

Dad worked in SF and I think he’d lunch at Tommy’s Joynt on occasion. He’d also go to Schroeder’s and one time I got to go; this was the late lunch service where women were permitted. We’d go to the Hofbrau on Broadway or was it Grand? once in awhile. Dave’s was a diner next to Tech High and we’d go there after summer school class for a snack or a burger. Smokehouse was across from Tech and they had the better burger, c. early '70’s.


Broadway & Grand, actually.

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