[San Francisco, SoMa] Cafe 5 in SFMOMA- Craftsman and Wolves pastries

Not a report, but just want to note that Cafe 5, located on the fifth floor of the Museum of Modern Art, has pastries from Craftsman and Wolves. We were taking a break in the museum and found out from the staff. Its also noted on the pastry menu.

There was no Rebel Within, but there was an assortment of croissants, muffins, donuts, cookies, kouign amann, etc. ready to refill the body after purusing the Louise Bourgeois spiders and the Lichtensteins.

I suppose its if one has the SFMOMA membership they can go up to the fifth floor quickly and get the pastries.

Had the blueberry muffin. Lightly sweet. Pretty nice. They also serve warm food, illy coffee and wine.

Pastry menu:


What, no apple pastries for the Magritte exhibit? :slight_smile:

Didn’t realize that is who supplied the pastries, thanks for letting us know. Their kouign amann tend to pack in a huge amount of filling.

Sightglass on the 3rd floor has pastries from B Patisserie, which I much prefer over the offerings at Craftsman & Wolves.

Oh nice! I saw the Sightglass corner but we were already leaving at that time. Good to know. How’s the prices compared to those at the shop?

I don’t remember exactly but didn’t seem too outrageous, felt like the usual fancy museum mark up. They had mini kouign amanns which was nice for a little sugar bite.

I didn’t notice any Sightglass kiosk on floor 1. The museum page says:

‘…our coffee kiosk on Floor 1. Offering full coffee service, as well as a selection of teas and pastries, the kiosk is located in our free public space (museum admission is not required).’

If those are also B Patisserie’s pastries, then its a pretty convenient option for grab and go.

Good call, since I find myself in that area more often than where B. Patisserie is. I didn’t notice the kiosk, but once my daughter hits the museum wall I have to hightail it out of there.
As an aside, SF residents can get free MOMA passes through the public library.