[San Francisco, Russian Hill] Berber

Grilled octopus was a little bit chewy and not very tender. I thought the fennel on the side tasted more interesting than the octopus.

The lamb tagine was good. I don’t know tagines very well, but this was a prep without ras el-hanout. Instead it came with mission fig and almond. The lamb was tender and well seasoned. I was interested at the tangia and inquired about the time it takes to cook the dish since the traditional prep takes a long time. But the server recommended the lamb tagine so I went with that.

Kofta kabob came with spicy tahini. The kabob itself was somewhat ordinary. The spicy tahini added a punch in a good way. I didn’t finish it so I had it packed to go. Unfortunately the tahini didn’t make it to the box.+

Side of cous cous.

A couple of non-alcohol drinks- beautiful sunset and tamazight twist

I came only for dinner and not for the show. I traveled to Morocco years ago and always have a soft spot for the country and the food. So I was bummed when Aziza closed, and was really looking forward to trying out Berber. It was an ok meal. Any other dishes worth trying at Berber?


Fortunately Mourad Lahlou has just reopened Aziza!

That’s great news! I missed the news that he’s working on it.