San Francisco restaurant news and notes [SFBA] 2017

I think he was referring to regular chives, not Chinese chives (a.k.a. garlic chives).

You are right, the pics look good, particularly the duck wonton noodles.

One more- Steep Creamery in SOMA is also doing rolled icecream.

Per Yelp, Noe Valley Bakery has opened a branch in West Portal; Big Big Pan (Korean soju joint) has replaced Osaka Imai on Noreiga (same owner).

Sapporo-ya was my first real ramen many years ago before it was a “Thing” and it was a revelation. I don’t know why it never got more love on the food boards. (I don’t know why this posted here instead of the post earlier I was referring to concerning the closure of Sapporo-Ya and its replacement with another “$15ramen joint”.)

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Weekend Filipino brunch Malasa at the Craw Station space in Inner Sunset. Looks like we are getting more and more new choices in Filipina food now, with Elena Una and the Manila Bowl in the Twitter building.

I have to say the professional pics of the dish look pretty good. Now if the taste matches the food that’ll be awesome.

Tinapang Bangus - milkfish w/ sous vide egg and garlic rice - very tasty!

Tekka House has replaced Tataki Canyon, Glen Park in SF. I haven’t been yet but the menu looks similar to Tataki - sushi, ramen some hot dishes. Sake menu is a little more ambitious and they list 2 Japanese “craft beers” as well.

Apparently Elena Una just ended its pop-up run last week.

Black Jet Bakery now has a space on Cortland in Bernal Heights.

Momos at Gorkha Kitchen- Indian/ Himalayan in inner sunset.

Rincón Nayarit - Mexican seafood near Cesar Chavez.

New places in SF:
Derm Restaurant (Thai) on Geary.
Troy Greek Cuisine on Russian Hill
A Mano (Italian) in Hayes Valley. Chef worked at Flour + Water. Handmade pasta.

More interesting openings (to me) this time:

Taqueria Los Mayas in Inner Richmond- Yucatecan.
ABC Falafel- Pac Heights- they serve falafels, unsurprisingly.

Castro Ice Cream serves Turkish breakfast and pastries. Owned by the same people as Tuba Restaurant.

Interesting. Never heard a word here in Van about this expansion of a local chainlet to SF, though I do keep hearing about their increasing local presence, with another outlet coming soon on our Commercial Drive. I’ve never had much inclination to try them out, what with the whacky pricing, oddball combos and not-my-demo marketing.

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Tahini, falafel and kabob place near 24th St BART.

Also ABC Falafel on Van Ness and Sutter.

Is falafel the new poke?

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I’d prefer more falafels to poke…

Do we have poke that’s the real deal around here?

Ocean Malasada popup at Andytown

Also on the donut popup front, Mr. Bomboloni is now inside the Village Market at the Ferry Building on Tuesdays and Thursdays, featuring Bomboloni, Frati and Cannoli.

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