San Francisco restaurant news and notes [SFBA] 2017

It seems the city of SF doesn’t have one of these yet, perhaps because the likes of Eater and Tablehopper keep on top of the press releases and other notable openings.

Speaking of which, I’m a bit interested in the opening of Rooh, “progressive” N. California Indian at 333 Brannan.
And Manilla Bowl in The Market

Omnivore Books has Andrea Nguyen discussing her Pho cookbook tomorrow night, and she’s known to bring samples.

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Ah, looks like I missed Souperman’s February new restaurants thread, which is similar to this thread

Another note:
The Chowdown for Chinatown looks great. It’s a fundraiser for the senior residents and businesses who were displaced by a fire earlier this month. Monday, March 6 at Mr. Jiu’s with food by many including R&G, Rice Paper Scissors, Liholiho, Sam Wo and more.

Thanks. It looks like a great and worthwhile event.

I didn’t realize this thread had been created. I’ll periodically post my list of openings here instead of on a separate thread.

Coletta Gelato, the SOMA gelateria that opened in January, will soon debut a Honey Orchid Oolong gelato using a Phoenix oolong from Red Blossom Tea. Red Blossom’s owner Alice Luong has been long experimenting with varietal tea flavors in ice cream, and it’s nice to see one emerging commercially.

In another haute dessert success for Alice, Master Chocolatier Richard Tango-Lowy of Dancing Lion Chocolate in New Hampshire is now using Red Blossom Teas in some of his creations.

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Here are new restuarants, bars and cafe opened in San Francisco in 2017 through the first half of February, pending straggler reviews.

Locations and details can be found on Yelp.

Thanks for keeping track of these! Looking through the yelp pics, Little Swan has a black sesame layered crepe cake, mille feuille cake and Vegan Picnic has Israeli doughnuts from Fresna (nee Taboon).

Thanks. Have anyone tried the Brazilian cheese puffs at Saltroot during the popup days?

Little Swan also has Portuguese Egg Tarts (but were out of them when I stopped by late in the day).

tried the porchetta rice bowl at Manila Bowl. ~ $9 for a big slice of porchetta (with skin), rice, adobo sauce, a few veggies. maybe not quite as crispy as the porchetta at the old Incanto but for $9, it’s unbeatable.

Adobo sauce? Sounds more like lechon kawali than porchetta.

Why dont you tell them that? They called it porchetta. and it looked just like the porchetta i’ve had numerous times at Cotogna, Central Kitchen, Incanto, etc.

I think lechon kawali and porchetta are basically the same thing with different seasonings/saucing. It sounds like they are trying to “elevate” a great Filipino dish by giving it an Italian name.

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Went back to Manila bowl for the oxtail in peanut sauce (kare kare), really good. Chicken was a bit too dry. They also have brisket, and pork sisig.

Ayi Super Korean at 18th & Balboa (1650 Balboa) opened this month. Location was Hawker Eats, and Ayi may be the same people (it’s a little unclear to me).

Checking out Riddler tonight.

Marufuku Ramen in Japantown- Hakata tonkotsu ramen

Glena’s- tacos in Dogpatch

Marufuku brings us yet another $15 ramen joint, and replaces the venerable Sapporo-ya, which had made its own noodles for three decades. It’s a venture of Eiichi Mochizuki, the hyperactive chef who brought us Hime, Men Oh Tokushima Ramen, Waraku, and the defunct Raijin Ramen on Taraval. (He also acquired Shabusen on the Buchanan Mall and owns a bunch of Shabuway franchises from here to Los Angeles).

Busy man, that Kevin.

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Here is the final list of new restaurants, bars and cafe opened in San Francisco in February, pending straggler reviews.

Does South San Francisco count? Someone online said that the owners of Little Lucca opened Teani’s Italian Deli on El Camino.

13 year old Little Lucca discussion.

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Market stall in Lima
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