San Francisco restaurant news and notes 2018


maybe Likha in Emeryville? 1608 Bistro in SF looks a little more fusiony than Likha.



Mongolian sushi?


Two separate cuisines on same menu, same as what they do at Togi’s Mongolian restaurant in Oakland. Gotta pay the bills!

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The restaurant they replaced also served sushi.


Waaa… Zarzuela is closing.


L’Amour de Saigon- new Vietnamese spot in West Portal.

Miki Ramen- new ramen spot on Broadway near Chinatown.

Cafe Envy opens on Yosemite Ave.

KAIYŌ is a Japanese/ Peruvian fusion place in the Marina.

Piri Pica- new Portugese place in the Mission.

Paramount Superstars- new dim sum/ Cantonese place on Clement.

Angler- as everyone knows already, opened. Anyone tried?


Arsicault is bringing their delicious croissants to a new Civic Center location:

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Chicken breast & wing - always moist, juicy, hot
at KKC on South Van Ness.
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Has anyone tried the popup Noodle in a Haystack (now in Daly City)? Its ramen popup looks interesting, albeit expensive.