[San Francisco, Outer Richmond] PPQ Dungeness Island

Went to PPQ Dungeness Island in the Outer Richmond for a lunar new year dinner. Was kind of last minute and this was one of the few places still accepting reservations. My first time here. They have live crabs in tanks in the back as well as some depressing looking fish. We ordered two types of crab and some other dishes.

Peppercorn Crab - Cua Rang Muoi

Battered and deep fried with peppercorns and other spices. I liked this crab preparation. Lots of pepper flavor, and the batter coating off the shell was quite good. Not as good as the similar salt and pepper prep from R&G Lounge though IMHO.

Roasted Crab - Cua Xao Bo
This was my favorite crab prep. Roasted with I think a little butter and garlic. Very simple, sweet crab enhanced with the butter.

House Garlic Noodles - Mi Xao Toi

A good accompaniment to the crab. Simple stir fried noodles with garlic seasoning. We had two orders and ended up adding another.

Crab Meat Fried Rice - Com Chien Cuai

This was ok, not too greasy. Should have probably ordered another round of garlic noodles instead though.

We also had the Vietnamese Carpaccio - Bo Tai Chanh, Fried Tofu with Ginger and Green Onion Soy Sauce - Dau Hu Chien, and the Sauteed Eggplant with Garlic and Basil Leaves - Ca Tim Xao Cay, which were all good. Didn’t get a picture of these. The fried tofu in particular was quite good.


Mr. Happy - how many persons enjoyed the 2 crab, 2 garlic noodles, with one Carpaccio, crab fried rice, Fried Tofu, and one Sauteed Eggplant?
We are planning a 16-person dinner at PPQ.

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Was 6 people, one of whom is vegetarian. We ended up ordering another order of garlic noodles because 2 wasn’t quite enough.

We were 16 for dinner this evening, ordering 6 crabs - 2 each of roasted, peppercorn, and drunken/$48 each. Two orders each of the eggplant and the Chinese broccoli. Four orders of garlic noodles. One order of smoked pork chop. Seven orders of fried banana with ice cream. $35 each with tax/tip. Service is excellent and friendly.
Food is exceptional; crab is sweet and prepared as we like, vegetables are crisp, bright with flavor and seasoned perfectly. We were delighted dining at PPQ Dungeness Island at 2332 Clement Street at 25th Avenue.


Any visits this year / crab season?

To OP: when was the last time you had the salt & pepper crab at R&G? I ask because the last few times I’ve been, while I admittedly didn’t order the crab, I have to say the food was really really bad (R&G). I think they got dinged by a health code violation recently as well. Anyhow, I’d love to know if anyone else has visited either PPQ or R&G for the s&p dungeness recently and how they fared? I’d like to go myself this weekend.

Also, has anyone had the roasted crab at Kim Thanh, the Vietnamese spot in the TL?

I haven’t been to R&G for a long time, though I do remember liking the crab the best by far out of what we ordered there. Kim Thanh I have visited more recently, within the last year or so. I liked PPQ’s crab better than what I remember from Kim Thanh. Their version is kind of like the peppercorn prep at PPQ.

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I used to go to Kim Thanh every now and then but found that it went down hill a few years back. Dishes didn’t seem as fresh.

The R&G crab has more batter, as does Koi Palace. I’ve been avoiding R&G since the health dept. situation.

I prefer the PPQ style, but haven’t been this year.

Thanks Candice! I used to really enjoy PPQ but for one reason or another, I haven’t visited in at least 3 years. The fact that we got shafted on Dungeness season last year surely didn’t help. I’ve only ever had their peppercorn style though, I should really go back and try the roasted garlic crab.