[San Francisco, North Beach] The Italian Homemade Company

The Italian Homemade Company serves pasta, sandwiches, and salads in North Beach. They also have a location in Cow Hollow. It’s a somewhat small space. There are a few tables and also counter by the window if you want to eat in. Counter service - you order at the counter and get a number. Food is served on paper plates and you get your own utensils and bus your table.

This was my first time here. For the pasta section, you order by selecting a type of pasta, and then a sauce option. I believe they are all made in-house. Their pasta is pretty reasonably priced by SF standards - $9 to $13 for the pasta and another $1.50 to $3 for the sauce.

I had the pappardelle ($9) with bolognese sauce and 2 meatballs ($3). The pappardelle was excellent. Flat wide sheets of pasta that were thin, firm, and with a nice resilient chew. Nothing stuck together. The sauce had good tomato flavor but a little on the watery side and could have used a touch more salt I think. The meatballs were pretty good, a little dense. Good value with a large portion for the price. Definitely coming back to try some of their other pasta and sauce combinations - the gnocchi with pesto sauce I saw on some other tables looked particularly good.

I also had a half order of the piadina ($1), which is a thin flatbread. Drizzled with olive oil, this was good as well. It kind of tasted like a toasted flour tortilla.



I think they’re opening a branch in Hayes Valley.

Interesting - with the recently opened a Mano also in the neighborhood, there will be a wealth of somewhat affordable house made pasta restaurants in Hayes Valley.

I sincerely wish them buona fortuna, however I went into their first location shortly after they opened and was astonished to pay $14 for a pound of fresh pasta. Not filled, just simple strozza preti. The cooked stuff seems pretty reasonable, but no way am I paying more for raw pasta than pastured pork chops.

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Wow, that is quite expensive for pasta. I actually don’t remember seeing much if any signage advertising fresh pasta to go, maybe they are focusing on the cooked dishes.

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