[San Francisco, NOPA] Jannah- Iraqi eats

Had lunch here recently. First time eating Iraqi food. Didn’t know what to expect but its a pleasant experience. To me, the phyllo dough dishes are definitely the unique and tastiest dish and the reason to come to Jannah.

The chicken barley soup: comfortable, and warming soup.

The burma, which is a form of chile with beans, barley, lamb and cumin. More filling than the chicken barley.

Yayas Grape leaves- a form of dolma.

Kelecha: Their description- Iraqi snack converted to ravioli) stuffed with dates cardamom, cinnamon and topped with yogurt, walnuts and parmesan cheese. This was the one dish from the meal I didn’t get. The cold ‘ravioli’ was really hard. Probably an Iraqi can better appreciate.

Kabobs with rice:

The two phyllo dough dish, with fillings inside a phyllo dough baked pastry. Both tasted good, and were unique dishes that were not easily found in the Bay Area. Recommended.

The Kuzi, which had shredded lamb, almonds, raisin, inside the dough in a pomegranate-rosemary sauce.

The Perdaplow, which had shredded chicken, almonds, raisin, inside the dough in an apricot sauce.


Dining room was a little dated. But considering the very reasonable prices of the dishes, especially the phyllo dough dishes which look to require some good amount of labor, I thought there’s plenty of reason to come.