[San Francisco, Noe Valley] Sultan's Kebab (Turkish)


Finally there are excellent cheap eats not named The Little Chihuahua in Noe Valley!

I don’t really have time to do a full writeup, but here are the essentials:

  • It’s in the former Lazeez space, but with entirely new owners (Turkish, from Istanbul).
  • It’s their third location - they are also in Danville and Pleasanton
  • It’s one of only a handful of places in the city that makes Iskender kebap. I gave that a try tonight as I’m much more familiar with the standard adana, shish, etc. kebaps. While most of their other kebap plates come with rice/salad/hummus/pita, the Iskender is served with a big portion of labneh and on a bed of what I thought were little squares of fried potatoes, but the takeout menu suggests might have actually been fried chunks of pita.
  • It’s very good! Maybe if we’re lucky the owners will start doing more exotic specials like Urfa-style liver kebap and so forth a la the old Eden’s in the Tenderloin.


Yay! Lazeez was awful. I’ll try and report back soon.


I got the the veggie platter and the Iskender kebap as takeout (Grubhub, it was Friday night and they didn’t pick up their phone).

I liked the Iskender kebap, lamb slices shaved off the vertical spit, topped with a creamy tomato sauce and mixed with what @bigwheel042 suspected was deep fried pita. As if defying physics, the pita never got soggy. Nice crunch. Meat was good, but gristly bits were spread throughout. A dimension of the tomato sauce I enjoyed and couldn’t put my finger reminded me of eating a veal parmigiana hero in NY.

On the veggie plate, the piyaz (a cold chickpea salad) and the smoky baba ghanoush were the best items. The falafel had a thick dark skin and bright green center, and lacked the garlicky flavor and more yielding shell I prefer. Chickpeas were the dominant flavor in the gritty hummus. Overall I prefer the similar plates at Goood Frikin Chicken or Old Jerusalem, or the impossibly smooth Lemon Hummus at Whole Foods.

@bigwheel042 what do you think of Tuba?