[San Francisco, Mission] Lolinda

Lolinda is an Argentine steak house and part of the Adriano Paganini empire of restaurants (Super Duper Burger, Beretta, A Mano, etc.). I haven’t been to many Argentine restaurants and this is one of the few in SF. They also have a rooftop bar and restaurant, El Techo de Lolinda, in the same building that has a different menu.

Ensalada de Tomate ($12)
heirloom tomato, arugula, queso fresco, pepitas, sun gold vinaigrette

Good slices of ripe heirloom tomatoes topped with some arugula. Had a slightly creamy vinaigrette sauce.

Alcachofa ($11)
charred artichoke, lemon aioli.

This was a whole artichoke, grilled, split in half. I could definitely taste the smoke off it. It was also sprinkled with a bit of some kind of seasoned salt that worked really well - could taste it when scraping the artichoke meat off the leaves. Tasty.

Entraña ($18)
skirt steak 6oz

Steak was cooked to medium rare as requested and already sliced. Served with a grilled tomato, grilled bread, and a little cup of chimichurri. The steak was quite good, beefy and a little chewy, with a hint of smoke from the grill. Enhanced by the bright chimichurri. Toast was good and chewy but the tomato was a little too hard and unripe.

Hongos ($7)
sautéed mushrooms, red wine, herb butter

Pretty straightforward sautéed mushrooms, good with the steak.

Bife de Chorizo ($33)
new york strip 13oz

I went back one night and had this steak at the bar. A bit less successful than the entraña. This was a little chewy as is typical for NY strip, but not as much beefiness as I remember from the skirt steak. Topped with melted butter and served, like the skirt steak, with a grilled tomato, chimichurri, and some bread.


I’m a huge fan of Lolinda, we go almost once a month, sometimes more, as it’s right around the corner from us. i can’t believe i never reviewed it here - slacking!

i do love the entrana, but our go-to is the rib eye.



Thanks for the link, great review! I will have to try the ribeye and the sweetbreads sometime.

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thank you, and yes, you must!