[San Francisco, Mission] Locanda

Locanda is a Roman influenced restaurant from the owners of Delfina in the Mission, on Valencia off 16th St. I had an early dinner here at the bar, which is first come first serve.

Church Cocktail ($8 at HH, $12 normally)
aperol, gin, cocchi americano, lemon

Not bad, a little on the sweet side for my taste though.

Locanda’s Pizza Bianca ($4)
More like a focaccia-like bread than a pizza, very good. Airy, topped with olive oil and salt, and with a slightly crispy exterior.

Jewish-Style Artichoke ($7)
A deep fried artichoke. Fried well, crispy leaves, not greasy.

Llano Seco Pork Tonatto ($15)
cherry tomatoes, basil, fried capers

This was great. Kind of like a vitello tonnato but with a ham-like thin sliced pork replacing the veal. Topped with a tuna mayo sauce. Complemented well by the sweet tomatoes.

Bucatini all’Amatriciana ($20)
guanciale, tomato, pepperoncini, pecorino

Also great. Pasta was perfectly al dente. Nice chew. Tomato sauce was a little tart and a little spicy, with little bits of crispy guanciale. No onions in this version.

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Thanks for the report. I haven’t been in at least two or three years. I’m not sure why because we really enjoyed our meals there. Will make a point of trying to go sometime soon

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I went to Locanda again and had a few things.

Trippa alla Romana ($12)
tomato, pancetta, ceci, mint, pecorino

Tripe, in a nice thick slightly spicy tomato sauce that had a hint of mint. Along with the tripe there were garbanzos and crispy lardons of pancetta. The tripe was a little firmer than I thought it would be, but this was very good. Hearty.

Rigatoni alla Carbonara ($21)
guanciale, Coastal Hill egg, pecorino, black pepper

Also very good. Rigatoni coated with a rich classic carbonara sauce. The pasta was quite al dente which I liked. Nice chewy bits of salty guanciale.

Meyer Lemon Budino ($10)
coconut crema, crunchy coconut, Campari rhubarb

I thought this was ok. Kind of tasted like a lemon pie filling. Light and tropical. Topped with whipped coconut cream, with some toasted coconut flakes and also some crunchy rhubarb pieces which to me tasted a little out of place.