San Francisco Magazine: Six Ways to Liberate Your Passover Festivities from Blah Food


  1. Step up your matzo game.
    San Franciscans live for bread that’s still warm from the oven, so why should they settle for stale grocery-store matzo? Marla Bakery co-owner Amy Brown will start churning out a “shit ton” of her fresh-out-of-the-wood-fired-oven version of the unleavened crackers just before Passover, and they’ll be available every afternoon for all eight days of the holiday. The 12-inch-plus rounds will come in packs of three ($10), but you’d be smart to purchase more: These are seriously snackable, akin to Italian carta di musica due to Brown’s addition of olive oil and plenty of salt. It’s the kind of cracker you wish you could enjoy all year round. 3619 Balboa St. (Near 37th Ave.), 415-742-4379