[San Francisco] Keto-friendly restaurants?

Anyone have recommended restaurants in (or near) the city with a good selection of dishes that are keto-friendly (very low carb, high fat, moderate protein)?

Just tried Kitava, new at 16th and Mission, and had a very good meal. It’s gluten-free, with no processed sugars, etc., has vegan options, and many of the options are keto (or close). We had the meatballs with zoodles, and the “General Tso’s” chicken - fried with cassava flour, but the sauce was light (instead of the usual sugary goo) and we got it with cauliflower rice instead of jasmine rice. Crispy brussels sprouts were fab served with a slightly spicy aioli. Also splurged (carb-wise) and had dessert - dates with almond and dark chocolate.

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I like RT Rotisserie’s rotisserie chicken, which you can get in whole or half sizes and come with some sauces. They also have various vegetable sides that are probably low carb. https://rtrotisserie.com/#menu

I don’t have a specific recommendation but korean bbq is very low carb gluten free friendly. You just order the meat/protein you want and they will bring lettuce leaves to make rolls with it. Lots of veggie options- you definitely want to bbq some mushrooms- and the pickled veggie banchan and kimchi is low carb. Usually there are some salads on the menu too, just inquire about the dressing- some do a simple sesame oil thing but others make their own salad dressing.

Not a restaurant, but the Whole Foods in west Berkeley has a line in their prepared foods section that they label “paleo”. They’re generally pretty good. You can eat in their cafe section (though they don’t clean the tables often enough).

Korean bbq is great for low carb. Just avoid the marinated meats (some kalbi, bulgogi etc) as there is lots of sugar in the marinades…even though they are so delicious!

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RT also has roasted half-cauliflower on the menu always and usually a few other roasted or grilled whole veggies like broccoli or cabbage.