[San Francisco] HO-down at OzaOza- Kaiseki restaurant 4/7 Fri 5:15pm

OzaOza is a kaiseke restaurant opened last fall in Japantown SF. Chef Tetsuro Ozawa came from Kyoto. I am going to be going with my two year old (yeah, they are cool with that) on 4/7 5:15pm (and yes, that’s the only time they have). If anyone wants to join, just reply or private message. I think they have room for 4 adults. I need to check their reservation policy but if they charge a deposit to hold the table, those who join will need to pay a deposit.

Here’s their current menu on their web site. Eight courses total:

Kaiseki $100

Sakizuke (small appetizer)

  • Vinegared Mozuku seaweed, shrimp, scallop, cucumber, lily bulb

Hassun (seasonal appetizer)

  • Squid fin with spicy cod roe
  • Cooked blue fin tuna
  • Octopus legs and eggs
  • Fava bean
  • Diamond shaped mountain yam
  • Deep fried ice fish
  • Smoked salmon wrapped by lotus root
  • Sushi roll with chopped fatty tuna and pickled radish

Nimonowan (soup)

  • Soup with fish broth and fish cake with top neck clam, bamboo shoot, turnip, carrot

Mukouzuke (sashimi)

  • Blue fin tuna, cherry trout, horse mackerel, sea urchin

Mushimono(steamed dish)

  • Steamed red snapper, mochi rice, baby broccoli, wheat bran, cherry leaf and flower

Agemono (deep fried dish)

  • Deep fried flatfish, rockfish, bamboo shoot, shishito pepper with grated radish and ponzu sauce

~Supplimental Dish ~ Wagyu beef steak, $25 additional

Osyokuji (rice, miso soup and pickles)

  • Rice with manila clam
  • Sake lees miso soup

Mizumono (dessert)

  • Tofu strawberry mousse and fruits


The meal will probably be similar to the style of meal that Wakuriya in San Mateo serves. Please refer to old discussions for more details.

A blog entry about a meal there: http://tabemonojourney.com/2017/01/03/tabemono-in-sf-affordable-and-very-good-kaiseki-at-ozaoza/

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Are you planning on having your two year old eat off your plate? I can’t take mine to these kinds of places because she would eat more than half my food…

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The place says they can make udon or something like that for her. So I think I am ok. But yeah, when she eats she can eat half of what an adult eats.

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sounds great, really wish I could make it, but for the near future I have family commitments. I hope some other HOunds join you and your 2-year old!

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Too bad, the meal is too far away! Especially after watching N/Naka’s Kaiseki feast on the Netflix’s Chef’s Table!

In here, the French restaurants (classy ones) would welcome the animals but ban the kids.

Reminder, its tomorrow. The restaurant reservation system shows there are still availability. We have two so far. I haven’t been myself, but we’ll be doing comparisons with Wakuriya’s kaiseki.

I don’t think OzaOza is nearly as fancy as N/Naka. I am guessing the chef isn’t foraging at the Golden Gate Park, for example. Its a much lower price point, which makes it more accessible versus more expensive kaiseki offerings like Hashiri’s.

I’d join if I were free! It sounds great.


I SO wish I could join you but Hubby has paintball tournament this weekend & I have to attend. I would much rather be with HO eating instead of sitting in the rain.

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