[San Francisco, Financial District] Trestle

Trestle, in the Financial District on a corner of Jackson and Columbus, is a restaurant with a unique concept: a three course meal for $35, with the option of adding an additional pasta course for $10. Not too bad a deal in SF these days. It’s from the Hi Neighbor group which also runs Stones Throw and Fat Angel, neither of which I’ve tried yet.

We had dinner at Trestle on a weekday. The menu has two choices for each course and also the optional pasta course, and they also offer a vegetarian option. You can also have one of their pasta dishes as a substitution for your main course.


I had:

Kale Caesar Salad
Garlic Crouton, Boquerone, Shaved Pecorino

I actually wasn’t expecting much from this dish but it was very good. Kale leaves were lightly coated with a nice rich creamy salty caesar style dressing. Topped with some buttery croutons, large shavings of Pecorino cheese, and a couple vinegary boquerones. Everything worked well together.


Bread is provided on request. You should definitely request the bread. It was from Firebrand in Oakland and was excellent. Slices of toasted sourdough with a crispy exterior, soft airy interior, and good sour flavor. It was served with a salted creamy butter.

We shared each of the two pasta dishes (+$10 per):

Uni Risotto
Rock Shrimp, Lemon, Cilantro, Calabrian Chili

This was great. Buttery and creamy, with a good amount of citrus zing from the lemon to balance out the richness. Fresh hunks of rock shrimp. Only minus was that there was not much uni flavor.

Braised Pork Garganelli
Bloomsdale Spinach, Cipollini Onion, Rosemary

This was very good as well. I think the tube like garganelli is made in house, it tasted like fresh pasta. It was tender but also had a nice chew. Lightly sauced with a thickened broth like sauce.

Crispy-Skin Striped Bass
Beluga Lentils, Arugula-Horseradish Purée, Bacon Lardon

I had the fish as a main course and while this was good it was maybe the least impressive of the dishes. The skin was very nicely crisped and crunchy. The lentils that came with it had kind of an Indian flavor profile from the spicing. They had a good amount of crispy lardons mixed in.

Chocolate Guinness Cake
Smoked Milk Chocolate Mousse, Salted Mixed Nuts, Bacon Ice Cream

Dessert was a sort of deconstructed Guinness cake, with chunks of airy cake sitting on top of chocolate mousse sauce with a scoop of bacon ice cream and crunchy nut bits scattered about. A very nice dessert. The cake wasn’t too sweet, and the bacon ice cream was savory and creamy with a little sweetness.

For drinks, they have an extensive beer list by the bottle with quite a few Belgian beers. Didn’t have wine but it looked like they had a pretty decent selection by the glass and by the bottle.

Overall this was a very good dinner, a good amount of food, and a good deal.

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