[San Francisco, Fillmore] The Progress


Had a couple bites at the bar at the Progress on a Friday night. The Progress is a sister restaurant to the very popular State Bird Provisions, which is next door. I’d been here for a dinner quite a while ago when they were still doing set family style menus. They have since switched to a more conventional a la carte menu, and the full menu is available at the bar, which was maybe half full on a Friday. Seating is first-come first-serve at the bar.

Pork and Kimchi Pierogi ($16)
asian pear butter & toasted sesame

These tasted a little like potstickers, but fried. I guess pierogi are kind of like Eastern European potstickers. The pork and kimchi filling mostly tasted of pork, with a just a tad bit of sourness from the kimchi. They were fried a little crispy, and the wrapper dough was nice and thick and kind of chewy. I liked this dish. Maybe a tad pricy at $4 a pierogi/potsticker though.

Prog Dog ($12)
This was an off the menu special. House made bun, house made pork (?) sausage, with kimchi and aioli. Topped with lots of fried shallots or garlic. A good hot dog. Difficult to eat normally though due to the amount of toppings. The sausage was juicy and snappy. The best thing about it though was probably the bun, which was soft and had a Parker House roll consistency.

Also had some drinks:

overproof rum, coffee liqueur, vermouth, vanilla, Jamaican bitters

I liked this drink, rum pairs well with coffee.

Negroni Thyme
thyme gin, campari, cocchi

A Negroni, but with thyme. I didn’t like this as much, didn’t think the thyme complemented the bittersweet flavors of a Negroni very well.


(George) #2

Interesting it seems like they are becoming more like State Bird but without the carts. We haven’t been in ages. We thought it was excellent when it first opened but then went downhill. Our last meals there (at least 2 years ago or longer) were very disappointing. I would be curious to go back again now though.


It’s funny that you say that - the menu has little bubbles next to each dish that you’re supposed to mark for the items you want to order, much like dim sum restaurants that don’t have carts.