[San Francisco, Bernal Heights] Angkor Borei- Cambodian


Have been eating more Cambodian lately- Battambang, Nyum Bai, and now Angkor Borei.

Kuy Teav. Angkor Borei’s version really pales compared to Nyum Bai’s version. The broth tastes more soy sauce than stock. Any the flavors doesn’t meld.

The pumpkin curry with chicken recommended by our server. Very bland chicken with an average curry that’s not complex nor aromatic enough.

The amok, made from catfish, is very different from Battambang’s version. Battambang’s version is quite sweet and fragrant by itself. Borei’s version is pretty bland by itself with the only flavor primarily coming from basil, but comes to life when dipped into the savory lime fish sauce. I prefer Battambang’s version.

Fried rice for the kids.

Overall, on a limited sample of the menu, I far prefer Battambang and Nyum Bai.

[Oakland] Battambang Restaurant- Cambodian eats