[San Francisco Bay Area] Nacatamales, and El Rinconcito Nicaragüense

Looks like a new Nicaraguan joint, El Rinconcito Nicaragüense, opened on Mission between 25th and 26th and it carries nacatamales. First question, is it related to the closed Rinconcito Nicaragüense?

A search of nacatamales on Yelp returned a few results- Oye Managua (Bernal Heights), Las Tinajas Restaurant (Mission), Al Fin (Daly City), and Nacatamales Las Brumas (says Oakland, but no address. Is that a truck?) and some other places that serve food from around Central America.

Any suggestions on good nacatamales these days? Chowhound threads on nacatamales are like 10+ years old. Thanks.

According to the first Yelp reviewer, it is the same owner as the previous restaurant of the same name, and has even some of the same regular customers.

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Thanks. It seems like no one mentioned the previous restaurant Rinconcito Nicaragüense on CH. The old Yelp reviews about their nacatamales were quite positive. So I hope that the new nacatamales are good. If I am around the Mission I’ll grab one.

I believe Red Balloon on Mission between 23rd and 24th also makes nacatamales, but it’s been years since i got one there. i remember liking it, i got it to go.

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Ditto on the Red Balloon. (BTW just noticed your family name. Are you related to Cesar?)

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No, though I’ve met him a few times. That name is pretty common in Bolivia, where my family hails from (as does he.)

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