[San Diego] Mariscos German Beyer

Since we don’t have passes for Comic Con today, we were thinking of taking a Lyft out to Mariscos German Beyer, since I had heard good things. Can any locals please tell me if it is worth it? Also, since we are without a vehicle, will there be anywhere to sit and eat? Thanks!

No way. I forgot all about it. I have never been to Mariscos German Beyer. Please do update and let me know.

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We ended up at the Mariscos German at Federal St and 47th. Holy cow that was some good stuff! I got the mixed tostadas, which was fish and octopus ceviche with shrimp and avocado. BF got the surf and turf burrito (carne asada and shrimp). The hot sauce he got is no joke, oil based with dried chiles. I got the creamier chipotle one. Totally recommend and would absolutely go back!

The place we were at called itself “Original Mariscos German”. So, not sure if it is just a common food truck name or what. But I do know that I need to have Maggi in the house now for when I try to backwards engineer these.


Beautiful looking tostadas. Only one tostadas for you? :grinning:
You noticed that they have bottles and bottles of Maggi?

The Maggi was the drizzle on top. Underneath the pile of seafood was three fried tostada shells. One order was definitely enough, and it was beginning to fill up as we were finishing, so we didn’t want to hog the table. That being said, I regret not getting the consumme on offer and I want to go back and try the smoked tuna tacos, the gubernator tacos, and the oysters and clams.

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I enjoy The Taco Stand. It has several locations. If one of them is not too far from you, you can swing by. Read some reviews too, of course. The one I go to is on Convoy which is actually an Asian community area. All The Taco Stand have sit down area.
They recommend to get the Al Pastor taco which is made from grill pork.

They also make the tortilla fresh in front of customers. Two photos I took from last visit:

Thanks for your suggestion.


That looks great! I will need to hit it next time I am back. Thank you!

Are you from Massachusetts? Comic-Con end tomorrow, right? Have fun.

Yes, we are from just outside Boston. We have passes for tomorrow to the convention (our 13th!) and tn fly out Monday morning. So happy to be back!