San Diego/La Jolla

Looking for suggestions for good indian, seafood, greek, creative CA cuisine in La Jolla or San Diego - not too pricey ie 25-30$ entree but lower is welcome. Also wondering what farmers markets might be operating on Fri 12/23 and Sat 12/24 . Looked at Callie also and menu looks great. Wonder is anyone has feedback on it.

El Pescador Fish Market is La Jolla is great. They have a great selection of fresh seafood you can get in sandwiches, salads, grilled, raw, etc… One of our must visit stops when in the area.

Wayfarer Bread in La Jolla is also a must for our family. Fantastic pastries, croissants and bread. The croissants, baguette and kougin amann are our favorites. There are usually lines on the weekend so maybe Friday would be less crowded. The other option is to order online the night before for pick up. They also have special items for pick up on the dates you listed.

I’d be interested to hear what others come back with, but I have yet to find good indian in San Diego or La Jolla that.

Passable indian (as in you know it’s not good but your really craving indian food and it’s the best available option) — Royal India, Punjabi Tandoor.

Thanks for the tip on Wayfarer. I love good bread and baked goods. We’ve been to El Pescador and agree it’s a good one.
Saregama - On Indian about 4 years ago we went to an Indian restaurant out in Miramar - in an industrial area - recommended by Indian friends. Of course I cant remember the name but it was good and I do remember they had this amazing case of Indian sweets and candies. If I find the name I’ll let you know.

You’re probably thinking of Surati, since shut down.

For low key South Indian (vegetarian), we like San Idli which is right by the old Surati location.

Indian food in SD is, um, shall we say, pathetic?

For creative CA (whatever that may mean), try Callie, Juniper & Ivy, Campfire, Trust, and yes, Wayferer is vey good.

George’s is also good, but maybe a bit out of your stated price range.

thanks - well I guess that saves me a lot of googling. Would you say it’s worth driving out there from La Jolla for San idli - we do have someone in the family who is vegetarian

I like Royal India, but some people think its quality has gone down. Anyway, good to hear your suggestions.

Yes. Weekend mornings are always busy there fyi.

There are some indian grocery stores around there too if that’s your / their thing.

I also tend to pick up other stuff if we’re going all the way there anyway — banh mi and cha gio from the Viet place in the same strip mall or one of the others as an eg. There’s also a Viet grocery store a bit further (still Miramar) that has a hot food takeaway and a banh mi station (and an attached restaurant, if that’s more your speed).

Puesto in La Jolla is good Modern/Cali-Mexican if that would be of interest.

There are good seafood places in Del Mar and towns north, if you venture away from La Jolla.

thanks - sounds like a trip out there might be a nice food exploring adventure

We’re in Northern CA with a lot of good Mexican here - but Puesto sounds like it will hit the spot if we need a fix!

A trip to Del Mar might be in order too - any particular place you suggest?

Tried to get into Callie but no luck - looks great. Visited Mabel’s gone fishing and love the vibe just had oysters and wine - all good. Got Indian from San Idli, Tiffin - all got thumbs up from our vegetarian. Also got biryanis from charminar - they have really interesting biryanis and those were good. Rest of dishes from there weren’t especially interesting and mango lassi was way too sweet BUT would suggest going for biryani. Had dinner at Sanpiper in La Jolla since wanted somewhere we could walk to. Octopus was amazing some of the best I’ve had, gnocchi were solid burger wasnt great. Service was excellent and I like the changes they’ve made since it was a taco/tequila place. Has much warmer feel. Visited Farmers Mkt in Little Italy got some great passion fruit and got some excellent tuna fresh off the boat at Sat fish market at the harbor. Got some crab also but it wasnt that memorable - looking forward to having some Dungeness when boats can get out. Thanks for all the suggestions!

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Yeah, the Farmers Market at Little Italy and fresh tuna boats at Sea Harbor Village are definite must-visits for visitors in/around Downtown San Diego.

Glad you found some good Indian food.