[San Carlos] Cuisinett- casual French

Cuisinett has been around for a number of years and is a casual French place in San Carlos serving food at a good price point. Food is ordered at a counter and brought to the table. Given French food usually automatically means table cloth or expensive regardless how the food tastes, its welcomed that one can get some solid simple French food with almost all dishes under $20. Owner runs the front of the house and is a friendly fellow from Lille.

Sandwich Dijonnais $12- pretty decent sandwich with pulled chicken with mustard.

Quiche Lorraine $12- the quiche was good with bacon and gruyere. My favorite dish of the meal.

Moules Frites $19- this was ok. Mussel dish with no surprise.

Perigourdine $14- smoked duck salad. This was ok. The duck was fine though it and the salad were like two separate dishes.

Creme brulee- solid

We got a lot of food. Overall, we were happy with the meal and would gladly go back. High performance to price ratio.


More or less what people eating at home here. Maybe except creme brulée, the hard caramel is difficult to achieve at home without a kitchen torcher. The quiche looks like it was just out of the oven… (usually they wait too long time and has a film of moisture).

The kitchen wasn’t excessively slow, but they took their time to serve the food. Of course, I appreciated they took their time to do it right.