San Antonio?


I’ll be in San Antonio in a couple of weeks, staying near the convention center. Any good food nearby? I don’t have high expectations (Riverwalk, etc), but I’m hoping for some good seafood, BBQ, or German food without going too far afield. Boudro’s is already a regular stop, but I’d like some variety on this trip. Any suggestions? Open to other cuisines as well. TIA.

(Lamb Owner) #2

Also on the river walk, Paesano’s is a must stop for me specifically for the Shrimp Paesano. Do get over to the Pearl Brewery complex! Many great eateries, the one I’ve been to, Cured is outstanding.

If you are free for breakfast and the weather is fine, dine al fresco at Pioneer Flour’s Guenther House restaurant.

(Bruce) #3

Here’s the Texas Monthly guide to SA BBQ.

The first part of the article was written since the TOP 50 list came out earlier this year and lists the 2 SA joints that made the TOP 50. The rest of the article was posted before than list came out.

I can’t speak at all from personal experience (I haven’t been to SA in more than a decade) so I’ll leave it to you to sort out and find one that suits your need for proximity to the convention center.

Here’s to good eatin.’ Be sure to come back and tell us what you found.