San Antonio--best eats on a student budget

I visited San Antonio a couple of years ago and had great Mexican food at Los Barrios and a stellar burger at Chris Madrid’s. Daughter is going to visit there from So Cal soon. Any recommendations for her? TIA.

Have her look for puffy tacos. They’re a local specialty.

Luling is a short drive for BBQ at City Market.

I haven’t been to SA in years, so I can’t be much help. (I’m surprised you’re not coming with her!)

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My favorite visit on the last trip was at the Pearl Brewery complex, not a student budget meal probably though. It was at Cured. There are several other restaurants there that have great reputations. I’ve heard good things about Dough PIzza.

Dough Pizzeria Napoletana

This morning I was reminded of Blanco and Henry’s…

The Best Tex-Mex in Texas

Holy necrobump Batman!

What a timely retort.


Where did it go?? I saw it…now I don’t.

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This post is from 2016, but as it happens, I am heading to San Antonio this month. I love to go to Mon Chou Chou for French food at Pearl. I would like to go to a Tex-Mex place with good yellow cheese enchiladas. I’ve never been to Henry’s tacos so I may try that.

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