[San Anselmo] M.H. Bread and Butter

Had lunch at M.H. Bread and Butter a few weekends back. Its located next to the post office in San Anselmo.

Had: braised lamb sandwich that came with gruyere, fennel and tarragon, and olive tapenade. Prominent herb aroma. Worked pretty well with the lamb. The bread was the highlight.

Recommended to us by the cashier- the egg sandwich. Rich, runny eggs oozed all over the good bread. Very delicious. I am not sure which item this was on the menu as I couldn’t seem to find it later on.

The shakshuka with chicken merguez sausage extra. Arrived very hot. Its quite nice with the sausage adding a bit of oomph to the shakshuka.

Some sort of peach tart. Tart and sweet. Perfect balance. Delicious.

A half eaten eclair. Pretty nice as well. Though I think the Tartine version is better.

Bread samples.

Of course M.H. Bread and Butter is known for the bread. So one can buy whole loaves to go. What’s your favorite?


How were the lines? It was pretty crowded last time i went around brunch time (can’t recall eats too well, but enjoyed them and noted it had a very Tartine feel to it)

Not too bad. We got there I think around lunch time. Maybe 4 or 5 parties ahead of us. Took a few minutes to get to the cashier. By the time we left, there were no lines.

I do have have to say the prices are also Tartine-like. I definitely didn’t expect that in San Anselmo!

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