Samurai Gourmet and chopsticks

Wasn’t sure where to put this.

I’ve been watching “Samurai Gourmet” on Netflix.

Perhaps because I am newly retired, or I may be a bit desperate, or both, but I’m enjoying it. Maybe like I enjoyed Midnight Diner.

I thought I read about it here, but I can’t find it.

Anyway, it reminded me that I’ve had these chopsticks in a box too long to remember where we got them.

I am bad with chopsticks, and have called myself on a chopstick diet because not much made it to my mouth.
Are these keepers?

I did a bit of research and learned the ones completely rounded, not squared at all where the most advanced. These are completely rounded.

I was really impressed with the chopstick skills on this show, but maybe they would be equally impressed with how well I eat with my hands.

My chopsticks.

Chopstick skills on Samurai Gourmet

Does anybody else watch this?


Thanks for the reco, just starting it now. Have actually watched Midnight Diner, all 3 seasons, 3 times! Always sad when done…


Sounds like a fun programme. I don’t have access to it, though.


I’m also terrible with chopsticks. Was shown many times how to use them but couldn’t seem to grip the food with them.

But wait till you go to Korea. Their chopsticks are flat and thin. Even the partner who is more skilled at using them says it’s almost impossible to use. I have no nails and can’t even pick them up from the table! I ended up spearing the food with them.

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The theme song for that show practically hypnotizes me.

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Interesting! I haven’t even figured out the lettering on the box! Someone shared something really useful about this the last time I was confused, but I haven’t found it yet.
But I did find this.


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I watched the show when it first came out. Sort of surprised that it’s new to people still. I have been disappointed that there are no plans for any additional episodes. The midnight diner series is interesting to watch to see how things changed from when it was first a Japanese show to a Netflix backed show.

I am very good with chopsticks including the flat thin silver Korean variety. I don’t use them every day but can pretty much eat anything with them. I can pick up small items like a single grain of rice or a pea. Doesn’t slow me down at all especially when I use the raise bowl to my mouth and shovel technique.

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I’ve not watched the show but if I still had Netflix I surely would … if I only could // I surely wou - ou - ould. :notes:

I once ate with chopstick daily for over a decade I’d guess. It was my preferred utensil. Today I don’t cook Asian style often so they sit in the drawer. My preference is always wooden. I dislike plastic, porcelain, steel sticks.

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Yes, I like both shows: Samurai Gourmet and Midnight Diner.