Samsung appliances/warranty suck!!

I purchased a Samsung refrigerator in 2012, $1,500.± with all the normal bells & whistles. Factory warranty was 1 year, after which I was offered an extended through Samsung for an additional 3 years. Well on Dec 23 I noticed it wasn’t cooling properly and by Dec 24, it was shot.

Obviously it’s a holiday weekend so no luck getting anyone out. After dozens of phone calls (literally) they finally sent someone out yesterday who says parts will be 3-5 days, once they are in they will call us to schedule install. So we are looking at another week + before its repaired, not very good service if you ask me.

Bottom line Samsung Sucks!

As long as they know that it’s winter, and you can keep your food outside your window, they will work at their pace, not yours.

You have just a Samsung fridge, what do you expect?!! Try to get an apple fridge next time, they will replace with a new one instantly (if you yell at them). :wink:

3-5 days, wow…sorry. Sounds like one of those problems the hawty (sub0, viking, etc) fridges have

Although the repair person did come out, last Wednesday(?), still without repair. Waiting on 3 parts to come in. We had a false sense of hope last Friday when a repair man said he was coming out for the repair, but upon further discussion he was just a 2nd one coming to diagnose the problem. +1 for customer care. (sarcastic)

like other apple products…the 'fridge will be twice the price and half as cold. And you can’t replace the battery

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