Sam's Grill hours - is this a new thing??

Since when does Sam’s close at 9pm??

They literally shut down and close up shop at 9pm.

I made the mistake of booking dinner res in a private booth at 7:45. Our waiter was closing us out an hour later without desert (kitchen already closed by 8:45) and requesting payment before they shut down the registers… I was still polishing off my petrale when our waiter came by to ask (for the third time) if we wanted espressos, before hustling us out the door… this was a Saturday night. I get that it’s in the Financial District, lunch is power hour plus the silver haired set tend to eat earlier… 9pm seems kind of crazy though, no?

I’ve routinely eaten dinner at Sam’s and always later evenings by my recollection. It couldn’t have always been this way.

IIRC, they’ve always closed at 9 PM.

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