Samplings, here and there - Houston

I have been very busy of late with some new responsibilities with a group I belong to. I’ve been asked to help choose and coordinate lunch get-togethers for members a couple of times a month. My life-long ambition at last - to be a Social Director :grin:. Members say they’ve gotten in a rut and wanted some new ideas and new experiences. So I’ve been trying out places I normally wouldn’t give much thought to - I have to be somewhat sensitive that much of the membership’s interests are limited to steak and potatoes. So like, any recommendations for diners? Soup and Salad bars?

But I’ve also been checking out places more in keeping with my own tastes that I can convince some people to try.

Middle Eastern/Mediterranean is popular with a few members - I’ll take them to Fadi’s which some are familiar with. I was under the impression Dimassi’s had gone down hill a few years ago but several members insisted that was not true so I checked out the location on Richmond at Sage and it is indeed better than I remember. I’ll take them there - it has the advantage of being a little less expensive than Fadi’s and serve-yourself-ayce. Any other similar places anybody can recommend (doesn’t have to be buffet or cafeteria style).

I stopped by the new Afghan Express on Hillcroft. My first visit was right as they opened and the food was very fresh on the buffet. I was impressed enough to return a few days later but got there when the food was not as fresh and didn’t have as enjoyable an experience. The owner urged me to return in the evening (starting at 3pm) for a la carte service and I may do that for myself. I was hoping it might be good enough for an ethnic treat for my group but I have my reservations.

I visited Udipi Cafe, also on Hillcroft, for the first time in several years. It too is better than I remembered so I will consider taking the group there, also.

I plan to check out Pepper Tree in the Greenway Plaza area - I’ve heard about it for years but never been. I tried to get in one day but parking in that strip center is as bad as Montrose.

I’d appreciate any suggestions anybody cares to make. The group has several hundred members but I don’t have to please or interest everybody every time. Some have been world travelers, some probably have never been any farther from Houston than Lufkin. They’re from all income levels but we try to stay in the modest price range and they’re from all over town but we try to keep the venues pretty centrally located.

They’re very big on Tex-Mex and Americanized Chinese, two cuisines I’m not very interested in.


Have you ever been to Arpi’s Deli next to (and affiliated with) Phoenicia Deli?

I know that’s out of your usual fiefdom, but throw in a trip to Phoenicia and it’s a very worthwhile trip. It’s cafeteria style, not fancy but we love it.

Yes I have and I have had exactly that same thought. I don’t know how many of the group qualify as foodies but probably at least a couple dozen and that’s enough.