Sam The Cooking Guy

(Dan) #1

Sam the Cooking Guy. Ridiculous food fun in short video bites on a fairly regular basis. Some of the recipes are off the charts, others spot on. Sam takes alot of heat for being a home cook gone viral. I find him enjoyable because the guy has found his calling and just knows how to have fun.

See what you think.



Stopped getting this show when we switched from Cox cable to Directv. I miss Sam.

(Dan) #3

His shows are avail online. Thru his site or thru YT. He has a few shows. I watch the videos he films at his home.

(Dan) #4

A very Sam concoction that I plan to try. Costco is selling pork belly and I bought a slab the other day just so I could give this pizza a go.

Crazy mashup.

(Dan) #5

oh my I’m making this!


I am making it sans egg…

(Dan) #7

Today on Sam’s YT live feed Q&A he mentioned the channel will be filming in new locations. Still food focused but travel bound. As much as I enjoy the home kitchen video set, this announcement will be a welcomed change.

(Dan) #8

Looks like Sam is posting on his YT channel rather than his website.