Salumi [Seattle, Pioneer Square]

I had lunch at Salumi after a train ride from the airport. They are close to the International District/Chinatown Station. They’re kind of a Seattle institution, there’s even a Wikipedia page that has some info on the background of the restaurant:

Fast casual service - you order at the counter and pick up your order when it’s called. They also have various cured meats for sale. Not too big of a line on a Saturday afternoon.

I had the Mole Salami and Fresh Mozzarella sandwich ($12), which has a Mexican spiced (cocoa, cinnamon, chipotle and ancho chiles) salami along with slices of fresh mozzarella. A good sandwich. The salami was flavorful and nicely spiced and the large milky slices of fresh mozzarella were a nice contrast with the salty salami, as well as the cool cooked bell pepper and onions inside. The ciabatta like bread could have been better to my taste, was a little too chewy for me.

I also had a side of porchetta ($2.75). Their porchetta is more like pulled pork than traditional Italian porchetta. It was very tender and fatty, with a subtle spicing. No crispy skin, but it was good.

I enjoyed my sandwich but probably wouldn’t go out of my way to try it again, maybe their hot sandwiches are more impressive. The porchetta would have probably been good in a sandwich.



Great pictures. Nice report.

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