Salt Pork in SF

Safeway no longer carries Hormel Sal Pork. Where may I find something similar? Closer to Nob Hil is better for me.

How much difference would pork belly make in Boston baked beans?

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I prefer ham hocks over salt pork for beans.
I usually make pintos or baby beans and not baked but I still think it would work.


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Try Whole Foods.

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Check with local Butchers.
Russian/Eastern European Shops are a good bet
Pancetta makes a good Sub. You may want to rinse it if has a lot of visible Seasoning on it.
For N.E. style Baked Beans I would disagree with using Ham Hock as it is heavily smoked.

Whole Foods at Franklin doesn’t have it


Sorry. I know they carry a lot of cooking stuff, or did, and there’s a bunch around. I live close enough to Berkeley Bowl so I go there…but if something odd comes up, I check WF if stumped.

I’m sure I’ve bought it at Cal Mart’s Antonelli Meats, Laurel Village, SF.
Best always is to call ahead to any target store.

You should call the butcher department at Andronico on Irving.

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Also Bite. They have incredible housemade pancetta.

Previous post should’ve read Bi-Rite.

I think that it’s usually available at the outer richmond grocery outlet

Grocery Outlet regularly has bacon odds and ends…same same to me.

Too much work to find salt pork. Used pork belly this time, and got plenty of porkiness. Reducing salt, even a little, can’t be bad.