Salt Lake City Utah YSA

plan is a visit to Salt Lake City area in late November.
staying a bit north in Layton area.

any “”“fine dining”“” thingies that should not be missed?
will have rental car. will be well fed from multiple nice Las Vegas joints prior . . .

Can heartily recommend The Red Iguana for Mexican Food in SLC, at the flagship location. South, in Ogden are two places I really like - the Prairie Schooner, and the TimberMine. Fairly typical steakhouse type menus, but with seafood and chicken choices. Food is done well, and there’s plenty of it. The Schooner has appetizer fried mushrooms that are pretty fab, we ordered the large size, but it was way too big, even for 6 of us! Park City and the other ski resorts will have excellent restaurants, but I haven’t been in too long to know what’s there now. Oh, two more recs in Ogden - The Red Rooster is a fun place with good food, and there’s a pizza place called Slackwater Pizzaria and Pub. All places mentioned serve alcohol, but there are many places in Utah that DO NOT. So, if that’s important to you, best check first.

appreciate the input!

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I meant to say north in Ogden not south, but you probably figured that out.

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We loved the Red Iguana on several visits to SLC, just amazing. However, it’s been 15 years. Glad to hear that it’s still good!

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Yes, still very good, but huge portions! Nice having leftovers though.