Sally Sherman Potato Salad in Monmouth County

Let’s face it- some of us have our guilty pleasures…on of my biggest is “commercial” potato salad mostly made under name Sally Sherman. Growing up in Staten Island, every half decent deli had both an “in-house” and “commercial” in the Deli case behind the counter, along with tuna salad, macaroni salad, and close slaw. It had an al-dente potato feel and a good amount of vinegar and was as white in color as a Utah class photo…I haven’t been able to find it anywhere around here save for a prepackaged container at Livotis…Does any HO know were a man in need might find some?

would prefer an actual deli where it’s available by the pound instead…I’ll leave the lack of good deli thread to another time…

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Why don’t you call them directly… they are located in lower westchester… about 10 minutes from where I live … it’s everywhere in this county

I’ve never seen it in a deli here on Long Island, but most of the grocery chains have it in stock Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day. You could try a wholesaler but it will be a 10 lb tub…in case you want to have a few friends over! Or ask them who they sell to, I don’t see why they wouldn’t tell you.

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It is available in westchester in the big commercial tubs and half and quarter lbs hand packed at supermarkets

Not sure where you’re located, but just last week I noticed the WHITEST potato salad I’ve ever seen in the Shop Rite on Rt 66 in Neptune (just before the Asbury circle)…

Restaurant Depot in Neptune sells a 4lb container of Sally Sherman Potato Salad for $4.44.

They have the whole line. The tuna salad is good (one of my guilty pleasures) but the egg salad not so much.

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Market stall in Lima
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