Salem MA or that area, early dinner?

We are heading to the Peabody Essex museum tomorrow (Aug 19) to see the horror movie posters and paraphernalia that just opened.
We usually hit Turners for an early dinner, which is always great but thought
we might consider alternates.
Any suggestions? We like most everything as long as the cocktail and wine lists
are as good as the food. And we are realistic about the cost of dining out.

Consider Finz, 76 Wharf St. Decent seafood.

Yeah, Finz is our usual go to on Pickering Wharf. I’m looking forward to seeing that exhibit next Sunday!

We had a change of plans and went earlier to Salem than expected.

Off TripAdvisor and Google reviews we ate at the Ugly Mug Diner on Washington.

About a 20 minute wait for a table and 2 really good eggs Benedict plates.
Mine was a traditional, grilled ham and house made hollandaise sauce and hone fries.

My husband ordered the hash version with sweet potato home fries.

Eggs were cooked well, to order and the food was served hot. I thought the hash was a little sweet but it had a great crust from the flat top.

Didn’t try any of the coffees, but did have ice tea (good) and a blood orange/grapefruit soda (really good).

It was busy, they were quoting a 30-40 minute wait when we left.
Food was well worth it but It could of been cleaner.

The exhibits were wonderful, both the Ocean Liner and It’s Alive.
PEM does such a great job.


If you don’t mind me asking, was there a special fee attached to the It’s Alive exhibit? I know that the museum cost (for non-members) is $20, but a friend told me that it cost $50 to get in the It’s Alive exhibit, and I thought the only extra fee there was for the Chinese house.

You are a bit misinformed… take a look here. And if cost is a hindrance, MA residents are free Sunday morning.

No, I’m not misinformed, the info you posted is for the Peabody Harvard Museum in Cambridge. The It’s Alive exhibit is at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem.

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Guess I have been a PEM member for so long that I don’t know the entrance fees anymore. My apologies.

We are members, so no charge at all for us.
I just walked through the on line ticket purchase and did not see any up charge beyond the Chinese house.
I have never seen or paid an additional fee for an exhibit there.

But you can always call, to be sure. We really enjoyed the show, I hope you do check it out.

I’m a huge horror movie fan, and was planning on going even if there was an extra fee, but I’m glad there isn’t. I didn’t think there would be, as I’ve never paid extra for anything there, in the many times I’ve been, except for the Chinese house. I should probably become a member, but I don’t always get there every year, and am already a member of the MFA and ICA.

We were MFA members but realized there were more exhibits at PEM that we wanted to see.
So we swapped. And we use the membership at the Harvard museums as well.
Which I highly recommend.

Not food or Salem-related, but we went to the Harvard Art Museums last week for the first time and really enjoyed it/them. The week before we toured the Harvard Museum of Natural History Museum and were really impressed. The Rock/Mineral exhibit and the glass flowers were worth it in themselves, and the taxidermy is pretty impressive.

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The glass flowers are world-famous. Absolutely extraordinary. My mother first took me to see them when I was about seven and I was astonished. I make a point of visiting every few years to remember how beautiful they are.


Those museums are such fun.
The renovations were well done and the collections are very impressive.

Absolutely. I said to my husband, “Where are the glass flowers?” because I couldn’t wrap my mind around the fact that the ones in the exhibit were glass! And, from the mid-late 1800’s. Amazing.

Oh, and to keep this a little bit food-focused, the cafe in the Art Museums is run my The Catered Affair. People were hanging out in the foyer with drinks, snacks and laptops. I’ve been to a couple of parties with food from the Catered Affair and it was really lovely, so that’s promising for the cafe.

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This thread makes me think a return visit to the Peabody Essex Museum needs to happen soon! My husband and I also find ourselves at Turner’s if we want dinner after the PEM.

If it’s earlier in the day and we want a snack, we have popped by Karl’s Sausage Kitchen (Peabody) to grab a bite in the German cafe. The cafe is a small section of the store, so getting a table there can be hit or miss. (We also pack a cooler with ice so that we can pick up sausages for the freezer. Multitasking, you know.)

Within walking distance of the PEM, we’ve gone to the funky Gulu-Gulu cafe for lunch–check out the crepes–and a beer. A & J King Artisan Bakers for pastry and coffee.

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And if you forget the ice, the folks at Karl’s have always been willing to give me some for my cooler. Fundamentally nice folks!