Salem (MA) Lunch - midweek?

Good morning all! My husband has to be in Salem for work tomorrow - we usually go to Gulu Gulu but he will be tempted by their beer list so doesn’t want to go with his coworkers. Lol. I was going to recommend Scratch Kitchen (based on some old CH reviews) but it appears that it’s closed for the month of January. I can’t seem to find much else. What do you recommend for a casual work lunch? Thank you!

It’s probably too late for your husband’s lunch but perhaps Sea Level would be a nice alternative. I went for lunch a few weeks ago with a group of six (including one gluten free diner) and everyone was delighted by the seafood specials. The dining room is friendly and casual down by the water. Admittedly, they have a good beer list, too, but maybe looking out at the water is intoxicating enough?

I’ve been exploring Salem quite a bit lately. Where did your husband wind up going?

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We visited Salem in 2012 (doing touristy, witchy things, of course). Lunch was at Red’s Sandwich Shop, which does more than sandwiches.

My notes from then:

"This was a decent diner type lunch stop.

Seafood pie – lump crab, cod and king prawns, under a breadcrumb topping (so not a “real” pie, then). Good flavour. Came with rice and an excellent selection of vegetables – green beans, carrots and squash – just cooked and nicely al dente.

A “Cuban sandwich” was well filled with roast pork, ham, caramelised onions, cheese, dill pickle and tomato. Excellent sandwich."


great recommendation! he will definitely check this out next time he’s up there for work (or we will go together if we ever make it up to the peabody with our spring onion. ;)). he ended up at gulu gulu and just didn’t imbibe. :wink:

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