Sake @ LCBO

What are your favourite picks?

I’ve created similar threads on Chowhound which I found extremely helpful.

Are you the hound I recommended Masumi Type-1 to on CH? The LCBO has been having trouble getting sakes in for years. At one point I went to my usual store and it looked like someone raided all the sakes (and then there were none to be found except for Ontario Spring Sake Co). Gladly, they seem to be slowly filtering back in. For one that you can get at the non-speciality stores, try Okunomatsu’s Adatara Ginjo.

I am no connoisseur of sake so enjoy the Ontario sake company offering such as nama nama both pasteurized (easily available at many LCBO) and unpasteurized (only at store though can be shipped in Ontario) a lot.
A friend who has been enjoying sake for a while highly recommended this

I saw it a few times at the flagship store at summerhill though now it seems to be not in inventory.

Yes you did! If I replied on CH then I never kept notes, so I don’t recall if I liked it or not. Thanks I will try the Okunomatsu.

Thanks Elvis!